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It is not about being good at something. It is about being good to yourself.

I'm seeking to unleash your inner light. To let it shine through your soul. Become who you always wanted to be - confident, self-compassionate and bold. 

Because we all know that your first love should be YOU. 

All eyes on you

You came here for a reason. Maybe you're seeking a room to explore the infite options to play and move with your body. Or you are searching a deeper connection with yourself, to re-love yourself and other human beings on this planet.


Whatever it is that brought you to me, let's explore it and increase mindfulness, balance and well-being in your life.

Anker 1

About Me

Yoga caught my attention in 2015. Since then I practice yoga all around the globe in spiritual hubs like Bali and Mexico but of course also in regular classes in Germany and Switzerland. But at a certain point this was no longer enough. I was seeking more. More depth, more knowledge why yoga makes me feel like no other practice before. After my teacher training in 2019, I taught online classes, business classes and private lessons. During that time I developed my own style of teaching.


  • 200h Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ananda Yoga Kempten, 2019

  • 25h Prenatal Yoga, Nicoletta Wagenstetter via Kale & Cake München, 2023

  • 25h Postnatal Yoga, Nicoletta Wagenstetter via Kale & Cake München, 2023

My Style

I'm addicted to teach meaning- and powerful hatha or yin yoga classes. My teachings serve the purpose of reconnecting your body with your soul. By combining an explorative and more flowy Hatha Yoga, breathwork, meditation, and gentle touches, I support you to unleash your true and authentic self. To make you fall in love with your beautiful body and soul again. On and off the mat.





"Amazing yoga classes! Very personal and lovingly!"


"I participated several times in Leonies online classes. She did an amazing job. It was relaxing and exhausting at the same time. I really enjoyed it and can definitely recommend the classes :) keep your spirit!"



"Die Online-Yogakurse von Leonie sind klasse! Leonie hat eine super angenehme und ruhige Stimme! Ich konnte mich sehr gut und einfach auf sie einlassen und dadurch entspannen. Weiterempfehlung für jeden, der eine kleine Pause vom Alltag benötigt!"

Practice with me

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