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My Journey

Hey there you bright soul,

I'm Leonie and happy to meet you here. Located in Thalwil, a gorgeous spot at the Zurich Lake that grounds and excites me both at the same time.

Born in '94,, I was lucky that 8 years ago that a friend of mine took me to a yoga class in Ulm. Since then I'm hooked. Two years ago I decided to undertake a yoga teacher training without ever aiming to teach. I just wanted to deepen my practice and learn more about the philosophy, alignments, meditation and calming the mind. After teaching the first classes, I knew, that this is what I love doing.

I love to teach elements that I experienced and felt myself. I believe that this is crucial to being authentic and bringing the yoga vibe to class.

The rest of my journey is quite stereotypical. Going into corporate life after graduating and then figuring out, that is not the only thing I want in my life. That there must be something else, something more powerful and nourishing, more purposeful and meaningful. That's why I'm here. That's why I keep learning more about yoga and get you on board for this journey. 

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"I participated several times in Leonies online classes. She did an amazing job. It was relaxing and exhausting at the same time. I really enjoyed it and can definitely recommend the classes :) keep your spirit!"

It is not about being good at something. It is about being good to yourself.

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